Rep. Kevin Avard interviews Petitioner David Vandenberg

additional commentary by Rep. Timothy Horrigan, member of the House Redress Committee

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Here is petitioner David Vandenberg on Rep. Kevin Avard's cable TV show "Speak Up", taped on or before May 8, 2012.  I like Rep. Avard's question in the intro, which leaves out a number of other possibilities, "Is it religious bigotry— or is he a despised litigant?"

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Rep. Kevin Avard has done several TV shows about the House Redress Committee. I have gotten a fair amount of crap from leadership for talking about the petitions on my web site, but Rep. Avard has been producing a cable TV series and a YouTube channel, with (as far as I know) no crappy reception whatsoever.

Kevin Avard's "Speak Up!" videos:

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