Rep. Kevin Avard interviews Petitioners Nicholas & Samantha Haas

additional commentary by Rep. Timothy Horrigan, member of the House Redress Committee

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This is one of the most difficult petitions the redress committee has had to deal with, although the actual situation is fairly ordinary. Nic Haas is a seemingly nice guy who survived a contentious divorce and remarried a woman who is fiercely devoted to him — but he has not paid up all his child support and alimony. He has two children he hasn't seen in several years, and who have not met their stepbrother or their half-sister.

Samantha Haas is the second Mrs. Haas. Kimberly Rice is a family friend. John Burt is the sponsor of Nic's petition, and is one of the more colorful members of the New Hampshire House: his speeches are always fun to listen to. His nickname is the "Stump Grinder" after a memorable floor speech he gave on the subject of grinding stumps.

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You might also want to see Rep. Avard interviewing Kimberly Rice's current husband, Michael Rice.  He has not filed a petition, and I know little or nothing of the other side of this story:

On December 11, 2012, Mr. Avard (who was by now a former state representative, having lost his re-election bid) posted a video of Michael Rice's appearance before Judge Clifford Kinghorn in the Merrimack District Court (named after the Town of Merrimack, which is in Hillsborough rather than Merrimack County.)   I don't know what the exact date is, but it was probably not long before December 11, 2012.  His ex-wife was the petitioner in this case and Michael was the respondent, which is mostly about his parenting plan.  Judge Kinghorn figures in the Frost Petition (#18), but his decision was favorable to Frost and he has not yet become a target of any House Petition.  The first few minutes of the 76-minute video have no picture. I cannot guarantee that anything said here by any of the parties is true:

Rep. Kevin Avard has done several TV shows about the House Redress Committee. I have gotten a fair amount of crap from leadership for talking about the petitions on my web site, but Rep. Avard has been producing a cable TV series and a YouTube channel, with (as far as I know) no crappy reception whatsoever.

Kevin Avard's "Speak Up!" videos:

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