Election 2012: Obama vs. Someone

by Timothy Horrigan; last revised October 31, 2012

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The Democratic side of the 2012 primary race was pretty straightforward. Obama is still massively popular with us progressive types, even if he used up a lot of his political capital in 2010. The hatred from the Teabaggers just makes us love him that much more. The Republicans will have to run someone against him, but who? We now know who: Willard M. Romney.

The Nominees:

Barack Obama, Columbia College '82, President of the United States

Willard M. Romney; ex-Governor of Massachusetts

Stewart Alexander, Socialist & Nissan Salesman

When I looked through Flickr for an embeddable picture of Socialist Workers USA Presidential nominee Stewart Alexander, I discovered that he toils way out on the front lines of global capitalism. In addition to his political activities, he works (presumably part time) as a Nissan salesman at a little dealership in Hemet, California (a small town in the desert east of Los Angeles and north of San Diego.) I think this makes him the only real capitalist in the whole Presidential field.

Fellow Presidential candidate Darcy Richardson is (or was) Alexander's national policy director, which is a little weird— but not illegal.

Gary Johnson, ex-Governor of New Mexico

Johnson preceded Bill Richardson as Governor of New Mexico. They never ran against each other because Johnson was term-limited. Johnson takes it for granted that he would have defeated Richardson. At some point, he apparently left the Republican party to become a Libertarian. In early May, the Libertarian Party nominated him at its nominating convention, beating out five people you never heard of. (Wayne Allyn Root decided not to run, and Ron Paul continues to be a Republican.)

Jill Stein, Doctor & Green

Dr. Stein is a perennial Green party candidate for state office in Massachusetts, and now she is following in the footsteps of fellow Bay Staters W. Mitt Romney and J. Forbes Kerry.

Virgil Goode, Ex-Congressman from Virginia

Mr. Goode is on his third political party: he was a Democrat, then he became a Republican, now he is with the far-right Constitution Party,

Still Out There Somewhere on the Campaign Trail...

Vermin Supreme: Yes, That is His Real Name

Mr. Supreme is the only candidate— aside from Mitt Romney— who openly admits that he is working to subvert America.

Gone But Not Forgotten...

John Wolfe, Jr., Another Democratic Candidate

John Wolfe is an activist, lawyer, and occasional Congressional candidate from Chattanooga. He was the most serious of the "other" Democrats.

Darcy G. Richardson, Another Democratic Candidate

Darcy Richardson is a Jacksonville, Florida-based writer and blogger who for no immediately apparent reason filed to run as a Democrat in the New Hanpshire primary.  He was the first Democratic candidate to officially file the paperwork to run against Obama..  His three previous runs for various state offices (in Pennsylvania and Florida) were all on Third Party tickets.

Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont

Technically, Sen. Sanders is an Independent, but he is a member of the Democratic Senate caucus.

Ed Cowan, U.S. & World Citizen from Vermont

Cowan was the first Democratic candidate to file his paperwork in person. Even Obama sent Biden over to drop off the paperwork.

Fred Karger, Political Consultant & Gay Rights Activist

For decades, Fred Karger was a mainstream Republican of the type now derided as "RINO" ("Republican in name only") He worked behind the scenes as a political consultant and lobbyist. When he came out of the closet, he decided to become the first openly gay Presidential candidate. At least, he is the first plausible major party contender since President Buchanan (James, not Patrick) to be openly gay.

Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas:

Newton Leroy "The Eft" Gingrich: Used to Have the Same Job John Boehner has Now

Rick Perry: Governor of Texas

Rick Santorum, ex-Senator from Pennsylvania

It seems odd that Santorum ran again. His 2008 Presidential run was stymied when he lost his 2006 Senate re-election campaign by a disastrous 56%-41% margin. But he made a comeback.

Michele Bachmann, Congresswoman from Minnesota

Jon Huntsman, ex-Governor of Utah & ex-Ambassador to China

Huntsman served as the Ambassador to China under President Obama, which is a slight problem if you are running as a Republican. Aside from that he is known for being the "Other Mormon" (alongside Romney.) A few of his signs are still standing by the side of the stretch of U.S. Route 4 connecting the New Hampshire Seacoast to Concord: perhaps he is already planning a 2016 run.

Herman Cain, Rich Dude

Cain was a successful businessman who semi-retired in his early 50s and became a political commentator. And now he is in in his 60s and running for President.

Vern Wuensche, Reasonably Well-Off Dude

My late father and I had a long conversation with Vern Wuensche on a street corner in Portsmouth, NH on Boxing Day 2007. We liked him a lot. He is a great guy with some very good ideas (and relatively few bad ones.) He got 36 votes in 2008: ours were not 2 of them.

Dr. Hugh Cort, Self-Proclaimed Counter-Terrorism Expert

In 2008, he claimed to be the only candidate who could prevent Osama bin Laden from blowing up the Capitol. Osama is now dead, and the Capitol is still standing— and Dr. Cort is still running for President.

Bob Greene, Thorium Power Advocate

Bob Ely, Dark Horse Democrat

He has a web site, entitled "Work More; Keep Less" He also says he "expect[s] to be the least popular president of all time. " Coming just a few years after Bush II, that is an ambitious goal.

Craig (Tax Freeze) Freis, Dark Horse Democrat

Cornelius Edward O'Connor, Dark Horse Democrat

John C. Haywood, Dark Horse Democrat

He is from the "other" Durham— Durham, NC.

Michael J. Meehan, Dark Horse Republican

He is not one of the South Bend Meehans

Mark Callahan, Dark Horse Republican

Cody Judy, Leah Lax, and Thomas MacLeran, Birthers

These three total unknowns signed on to "birther" petitions by Orly Taitz, and Mr. Judy allegedly even attended the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission's near-riotous hearing on November 18, 2011.  But they aren't on the New Hampshire ballot, even though it only costs $1000 to file. I don't quite see how they could think they're entitled to demand that Obama be thrown off the ballot when they themselves aren't on it.

Wayne Root with friends. (He is 3rd from the left)

Wayne Allyn Root, Columbia Class of 1983, Las Vegas oddsmaker & author

(Root was a classmate of Barack Obama's: they were both poli sci majors.)

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