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commentary by Timothy Horrigan; December 12, 2011


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John Wolfe, Jr., from Chattanooga, filed, by mail, for the 2012 New Hampshire Primary on October 27, 2011. He will be running against President Obama, Darcy G. Richardson and a few others.

When he filed, he had no web site, but he now has one:

He also has run some radio ads. His ad campaign heavily emphasizes his toll-free phone number, 1-866-266-1172. This seems old-skool, but it still makes sense for radio: motorists can hear the spot, pull over to the side of the road, whip out the cellphone, and call him up:

His contact info, according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office is:

John Wolfe, Jr., Chattanooga, TN (707 Georgia Ave., Ste. 401, Chattanooga TN 37402) – filed by mail


In 2010, he ran for Congress from Tennessee's 3rd District, which was gerrymandered to elect a Republican. Wolfe lost to Chuck Fleischmann 57%-28%, which was a very good result for that district. This was not his first Congressional run. I think he is a very good candidate, and he certainly is fearless taking on Obama. But I am still in for Obama, even if I wish Obama was more focussed on peace and prosperity and less on war and austerity.

On December 16, 2011, his campaign issued the following press release:

John Wolfe for America

Peace and Prosperity, Not War and Austerity


Friday, December 16, 2011

Contact: Alicia Mitchell

Phone: (865) 483-6823

media@johnwolfeforamerica.com, amitchell@johnwolfeforamerica.com

John Wolfe Announces Run for President, Will Debate in New Hampshire

CHATTANOOGA — Tennessean John Wolfe announced his run for President of the United States this week, bringing a fresh face to the Democratic ticket. Wolfe seeks to capture the vote of the millions of Americans who are disappointed in Obama's presidency, but who will not follow the extreme conservatism of Republican candidates either.

Wolfe will join other Democratic candidates in a C-SPAN debate, called "Lesser-Known Presidential Candidates," at St. Anselm College on Dec. 19.

"Voters demanded change in 2008, but have been sadly disappointed by a lack of action from the White House," said Wolfe. "Barack Obama has played into the hands of radical Republicans by choosing war and austerity over peace and prosperity. He has catered to powerful Wall Street friends and has failed to chart a path toward a recovery that benefits all Americans. I will bring back a clear articulation of the progressive values that should be behind the policies of our government – policies that have not become part of the Obama presidency."

Seizing on unprecedented levels of voter disillusionment, Wolfe plans a campaign that will highlight such ideas as a new tax on exotic Wall Street financial instruments that enrich the top 1% but continue to endanger the world economy. As President, Wolfe plans to create a military ready to address real-world threats like terrorism and cyber-warfare rather than lining the pockets of defense contractors with profits from Cold-War era projects.

Wolfe is on the ballot for the January 10 New Hampshire primary. He is launching a national campaign that will call attention to a wide range of progressive issues.

To learn more about the John Wolfe for America campaign, call his campaign at 423-505-5960 or email media@johnwolfeforamerica.com.


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