January 7, 2012: Speaker O'Brien & Speaker Gingrich Address an Adoring Crowd

additional commentary by Timothy Horrigan; January 7, 2012

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Three days before the New Hampshire primary, and a few hours before a debate where Newt Gingrich took credit for his father's military service, he joined House Speaker Bill O'Brien.  They addressed a crowd of veterans (and others) in Wolfeboro, NH: O'Brien showed his common touch by reminding the adoring crowd that his son went to Brewster Academy, an expensive prep school which is located in Wolfeboro.  Gingrich & O'Brien both showed their patriotism and their support for the military by having the event at the Wright Museum, a World War II museum.

Here is the CSPAN video:

Original URL: http://cs.pn/zc4zfz

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